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Ravenscar The Town That Never Was

the town that never was

54.399498°N 0.491953°W

"Those Dark Satanic Mills"

Ravenscar is a tiny cliff top village between Scarborough & Whitby in north eastern England.

It has beautiful views along the North Yorkshire coast. This location rivals any coastal and moorland area in the United Kingdom in its scenery and diversity.

It retains an unmolested beauty and tranquillity. Let us take you back to a time where most houses did not have running water or electricity; Oscar Wilde was on trial for his homosexuality and Queen Victoria had just surpassed her grandfather, George III, as the longest reigning monarch in British history. 

This story starts in 1896, in a settlement known as Peak, where grounds were being dug up to lay drains and sewers, whilst roads were being built in preparation for the newest Victorian resort to rival Blackpool. A new seaside destination for those who laboured in the factories and mills of the West Riding of Yorkshire and beyond.


The Book

Going Once.. Going Twice..

Going Wrong!

The fascinating true story

told in this limited edition

new book.

The Map

Explore the original map

of the 39th Sale.

Imagine which plot you would have built your dream on.. 


Visit Ravenscar to see and experience much more than you imagined.



Did you have an ancestor

who bought a plot

or invested in the plan?

Or just curious to know more?

An insight into 'the town that never was' at Ravenscar

An insight into 'the town that never was' at Ravenscar

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