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Escape to the country



A room with

    a view   

Select a street from

the 39th Sale map of 1902

and choose a plot number    

There are only 1258 plot associations available.

Imagine what you would have built as one of the pioneer residents of Ravenscar. 

This is a gift which you can visit and explore to find where your plot association is located*.



Would you have wanted to open a shop or a business serving the town? There are also numerous  plots available that were allocated to be shops.

Also available to be associated with are some key sites that serviced and would have provided amenities to the town. The town needed solicitors, doctors, undertakers, vets, domestic staff, butchers, bakers and candle stick makers, in fact every type of profession. Upstairs & Downstairs.

The railway station, observatory, waterworks, brickwork's, cliff park, golf course and four new hotel sites are available.

How you would have lived?

A grand Victorian residence, a Marine Villa or a semi-detached house? 

Who will you gift it to ?

This is limited to only 1258 plots.

Starting from £30 you will have a unique connection with the story of Ravenscar.  

  • You will receive your own personally dedicated, uniquely designed and numbered print, unframed, referencing original documents, registering your association with that particular plot on the 39th map.

  • A copy of the book 'Going Once.. Going Twice.. Going Wrong!

  • Be part of the virtual Ravenscar community. An opportunity to shape the new virtual town.

  • Details of the original purchaser of your plot, in which sale it sold and at what price**.

  • You will always be able to sell on or transfer your association..


Virtual Town

Our  ambition, once all the virtual associations have been sold, is to virtually recreate the town as planned between 1895 - 1910 using CGI and augmented reality. This will enable visitors using mobile devices, and a desktop can see the town as was planned, laid out before them. This would be a unique educational and visitor experience.

*For the avoidance of doubt, the purchase of a plot association does not give you ownership of any physical land or rights over it. All plots are visible from public paths, permissive rights of way and highways. Please explore Ravenscar responsibly and respect its tranquility, beauty and the privacy of  its current residents.


**If the plot was actually sold 

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